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Sitio Escondido

Canoa Quebrada / Brazil


SITIO ESCONDIDO is a self-sufficient oasis in the middle of a dessert scenery.


Enjoy with us the seclusion of the " outback " of Canoa Quebrada!

Listen to the wind and the various sounds of nature.

Here you can experience a starry sky, you will keep in your mind for ever ...

Our lodge can only be reached by foot, on horseback or with an offroad 4x4 vehicle or a beach buggy. We can still move you at any time within 15 minutes back into civilization.

100% privacy and luxury is guaranteed.

The SITIO ESCONDIDO called not only ecologically , there it is.

The total electricity demand is generated by wind and solar power, drinking and industrial water will be provided from own wells . So you are able to enjoy your stay to the fullest and can still be sure not to pollute the environment.

The SITIO ESCONDIDO is nestled in the sand dunes of Canoa Quebrada , only 800 meters from a secluded beach which is ideal for a wide variety of activities.

Our retreat is ideal for Honeymoon travelers , family celebrations , corporate events, seminars and courses as well as location and base for photo shoots.



2 individually equipped and designed spacious suites that impress with queen size double beds, fan , wifi, walk-in closets, spacious bathrooms with shower experience under the open sky , direct access to the lake and a fantastic natural ventilation.

On special request you can book the whole property.





Breakfast will be served as settled with us and for lunch or/and on the evenings you can choose between different options.

Free Wifi


Despite being in the middle of the Dunes we do have electricity and Internet.



Around the House you will be able to enjoy lawn or Sand Area, a Grill and an outdoor shower.

Daily Housekeeping


our room mate is daily taking care about your room that you always find it to your fullest satisfaction.


Right by the living-room you have a Deck that ends in our natural sweet water lake which invites you to have a swim anytime.

transfer service

If you would like to spend time in Canoa Quebrada, we provide transfer services at any time.







close to the lodge the "Barra do Fortim" is located, where you find perfect conditions to kite.



here you find a wide variety of bars and restaurants and the typical brazilian nightlife of Canoa Quebrada.

Sand dunes
the world famous sand dunes of Canoa Quebrada start right in our back yard. If you want to get them better you can hire a driver to show you around or go on one of our horses.


As Canoa Quebrada originally used to be  a fisher´s village. Nowadays you can choose from different options to go on a fishing Adventure.

Ponta Grossa


is a impressive landmark 30 kilometers south. you get there by buggy and will see a spectacular nature which you will keep in mind for a long time.

Horse Riding 


Yes, we do have own horses and we organize trips on horseback. Having seen the sunset here on horsback you can´t pay with money...


One of the most romantic place on earth

The place is really wonderful and colourful in the middle of Canoa desert!! You can go as a couple, a little group or even alone, you will be impressed by the place and each moment of the day.
The owner Joerg is just awesome, full of histories to tell and great recipies to cook!!
Don't hesitate anymore and book your trip!                                          Florent D.

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